Руслан (ТРос) Тертишний

Не брати близько до серця // 2019

If you’re going home
In a rainy night
And you see neither moon
Nor another light.
You have no umbrella
And no raincoat,
And your shoes are wet,
Like a crackled boat.
It’s a heavy rain and a wind is breezy,
But don’t care about it…


Take it easy!
Take it…
Take it easy!
Take it, take it, take it!!!


If you’re penniless
But you need some money
To travel somewhere
Or to please your honey.
And your neighbour has
A very big house
But you are as poor
As a church mouse
Such an unfair life makes you queasy,
But don’t care about it…


If you have no girl –
It is not a problem.
Don’t do from looking for her
Something solemn!
Do whatever you want,
What is it behove,
And you meet someday
Your fairy love.
Even if you are old and your face is creasy,
Don’t care about it…

  • Слова: Руслан Тертишний
  • Музика: Руслан Тертишний
  • Виконує: Руслан Тертишний

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